Aug 29, 2011

Fjällräven 2012, The bag collection.

COS 2011 a/w

"Our Legacy" makes incredibly well made and stylish clothes, definitely one of my favorites right now. Check out their latest collection here.
This bag from Zara is, easy and nice and costs 62,64 dollar. Click here.

Or this one from Zara, costs 156,83 dollar. Click here.

Knitwear from Svensson, on sale for 47,10 dollar, buy it!! Click here.

This shirt is also from Svensson and is on sale for 37,68 dollar. Click here.

Aug 28, 2011

Please buy this t-shirt or totebag. MTWTFSS will donate all the profits directly to help the people of the Horn of Africa suffering the worst food crisis in decades. Click here.

MTWTFSS - 62 dollar

Acne - 157 dollar

Pictures from Acne spring/summer collcetion2012. Promising for one more great
collcetion from Acne.

This coat from Whyred cost 627,94 dollar, if you can afford it, buy it!

Dr.Martens makes beatiful shoes and this pair of shoes can you buy for 219,78 dollar. Find more of
their products here.

A nice little bag from Acne, for 784,93 dollar.

This sweatshirt from Acne is in one way ugly, in my eyes but at the same time I love
it and it´s easy to make a nice outfitt, yours for 172,63 dollars.

It´s something with this Acne shoes, i don´t know what but they are, hmm... I don´t have
any word for it, if you like it, buy it for 518 dollars.

From Acne, costs 219 dollars.

Handsome and lovely from Acne, yours for 784 dollars.

Aug 27, 2011

Okayfinally I'm done with this blog and I hope you will appreciate it as much as I do. This is hopefully an upgrade and I hope that this can lead to an easier blog to readthat I can upgrade more often. This will also mean that I will spend some more time with it, i hope it's worth it and hopefully I can make a good blog , a blog that inspires me and who also can inspire youWelcome to a blog that I hope can make history and I hope you will do it with me!
/ Portrayed

Aug 19, 2011

Welcome to a new and better blog here with blogger! Hope this will be as great as I hope!
Stay cool