Sep 29, 2011

One more same but different

Or these two, this jacket you fin on H&M costs 62 dollars.
100% Cotton

and this from Acne costs 548 dollars.
40% cotton and 12% Polaymide.

Same but different

Same but different. The green knitwear is from Gant by Micheal Bastian and is from last year and the blue knitwear is for this autumn and winter and is from a other brand! Intresting... Can you see any different between the color?

Sep 25, 2011

I finish this blog week with this picture I took yesterday.

Shoes from H&M

When you find a pair of elegant shoes and these elegant shoes are from H&M, then it´s a good point to buy them. The shoes are also in real leather which makes them more attractiv, they cost $69.95 and you find them here.

Boat shoes

The sun is shining, the clouds and the rain gone and it's one of those nice and warm autumn day. Then it fits perfectly with a pair of boat shoes from Sperry Top-Sider, this solves not only a warm autumn day, but perhaps also solves the spring and summer shoe problem. Think for a long time forward, so to speak.


Sep 23, 2011

Warm and elegant

This autumn Dr. Denims collection is warm, it is very warm and elegant clothes and very classy. Check out their website here.

I love the freedom to do whatever I want and now I have had such a day, it feels nice to have those days. I hope the new design on the blog will suit you, I felt that this design was a little softer and easier to watch then the one before. Hope you will have a great night, because I will.
Stay cool

Our legacy - Impressions


Elegant shoes from Dr.Martens, costs 110 dollar.

Stylish boots that are perfect for a day in the woods, but is equally suitable for when you are in town.
Cost 130 dollar. You find them here.

Sep 22, 2011

Like a rolling stone

Mr.Porter and rag & bone pay tribute to the rock ´n´roll icon sir Mick Jagger. Click here to see more.

Sep 21, 2011

Do you need a raincoat?

Need a new raincoat? Then I might have the answer for you, check out this raincoat on their website, click here.

Palladium Boots

Simple, smart and can be used for all kind of styles. What more can you say about this boots from Palladium? I can´t say much more, but I think you should check out their website here.

Jacket - simple and elegant

Now it´s time to buy the jacket for the autumn and this jacket from Gant Rugger is very simple and elegant and is a perfect jacket because you can have it in many different styles and it´s an easy, simple and a elegant style on the jacket. Find more about Gant Rugger and the jacket here.

Sep 20, 2011

Ordinary tees I like

This tee comes from Cheap Monday and costs 39 dollar.

Nice tee from HM for a good price, costs 15 dollar.

The Local Firm makes beautiful and elegant clothes and I really like
this tee from them, costs 93 dollar.