Sep 14, 2011

Time for Preppy!! - Preppy autumn

Belt from Saddler
This cardigan is from WESC
and cost 109,73 dollars

This pants comes from the preppy brand Morris and in you preppy wardrobe it´s very important
to have chinos, in light brown our in dark blue. This ones costs 156,20 dollars.

A tweed blazer is very important and this one is from Ljung
 and costs 423,03 dollars.

Also important to have a big sportsbag, this one comes from Scotch&Soda
and costs 279,28 dollars.

I think the shoe is one of the most important thing with the outfit and this shoe
from Royal Republiq costs 180, 38 dollars.

Another chino, this ones is from NN07 and costs 156,20 dollars.

Shirt from NN07 costs 156, 20 dollars.

Shirt from Morris, costs 141,13 dollars.

This autumn the preppy stile is darker and warmer than ever. It´s tweed blazer and darker colors on the shirts. For a succesfull preppy stile this autumn , make sure to buy a tweed blazer, a tie, a brown narrow belt, shoes like those I have in one of the picture and chinos.

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