Nov 3, 2011

5 x Parkas

Levis made and crafted, you find it on Mr.Porter for 450 euro.

Classy and a simple design, WESC have done a god job, costs 2200 swedish kronors.
Buy it here.

For the first time ever, Our Legacy makes jackets and this parkas is... yeah... love it
costs 4200 swedish kronors, buy it here.

In the Army and Navy Store you will find this German army parkas for about
1000 swedish kronors

Good price, really classy jacket from H&M buy it here. Costs 800 swedish kronors. 

I just wanna tell you who is following me, thank you!! and one more thing, all clothes I have on this site I have the price in swedish kronors because then you can check up what the price will be in your country!!

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